> Curatorial project with Masasam /exhibition scenography / communication tools / video production

Collective exhibition presented at the 10th edition of the International Photography Festival of Rome at the Academy of Spain.

The photographers Sergi Cámara, Héctor Mediavilla, Alfonso Moral and Fernando Moleres, who make up the Pandora Collective, explore the notion of the Motherland using the practice of documentary photography. The exhibition is constructed around three important questions that touch all of their works. The first examines the notion of Borders, the second meanders in movements, the displacements, the immigration and emigration of a large portion of the population in the news and its consequences, and finally the third penetrates in the heart and soul of contemporary cities.

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Fotografia Festivale Internazionale di Roma

© Héctor Mediavilla© Héctor Mediavilla

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> Conception et direction of a video produced for the Motherland exhibition

Photographs: Sergi Cámara, Héctor Mediavilla, Fernando Moleres and Alfonso Moral
Production: Monica Santos
Editing: David de la Rosa. Dedo Gordo-
Music : Contain. Plastikman and Um Dia No Amazonas. Nana Vasconcelos
© Masasam / 2011

> Communication tools design:
Poster, flyer, outside tarps, web communication