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Collective photographic exhibition with Taysir Batniji, Rula Halawani, Steve Sabella, Raeda Saadeh and Kai Wiedenhöfer.

A little over six years ago, the Israeli State started to erect the « Wall of Separation ».  Ever since, the lives of Palestinians have deteriorated, international border laws are constantly violated and the right to free movement is denied to the entire population, intensifying the suspicion, the hate and the rancor between two societies already profoundly isolated one from the other.  It is thus urgent to “keep an eye on the wall.”This is indeed about pointing the finger but while avoiding the usual narratives.  With a multiplicity of points of view, the exhibition questions with acuity the economic, geographic, social and cultural consequences of the wall.

This exhibition accompanies the eponymous book led by Olivia Snaije and Mitchell Albert that was published by Textuel in 2013.
With a preface by Elias Sanbar (writer, ambassador of Palestine at Unesco and director of the Magazine of Palestinian Studies) and texts by Christine Leuenberger, Malu Halasa, Yaël Lerer and Adania Shibli.

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Travelling exhibition:
Magasin Electrique (Rencontres de la photographie d ’Arles) / Arles, July, 2013
4th Photoquai Biennale / Dupon, Paris, September, 2013
Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) / Kuwait, April, 2014
Centre culturel franco-allemand / Ramallah, May, 2014

_MG_7066  _MG_7080_MG_7111
Magasin Electrique (Rencontres de la photographie d ’Arles) / Arles, July, 2013

_DSC4899 _DSC4875
Contemporary Art Platform (CAP) / Kuwait, April 2014

4th Photoquai Biennale / Dupon, Paris, September 2013

Montage posters
Posters available at the exhibitions with statistics on Israel’s wall.

> Communication tools design:
Poster, flyer, web communication, GIF

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