> Curatorial project with Masasam

Co-director of the second edition of Alwan 338, Public Art Festival (from March 26th to April 26th, 2013) around the notion of COMMON GROUND.

8 international artists Ismael Bahri/Tunisia, Ndary Lo/Senegal, Noor Ali/Pakistan, Sylvie Meunier/France, Osama Esid/Syria, Mat Jacob et Alain Willaume (Tendance Floue)/France, Alessandra Domingues/ Brazil

20 local artists Madina Ali Jasim, Latifa Al Shakar, Asma Murad, Haya¬† Al Khalifa, Sergio Miranda, Noor Al Bastaki, Wasan Madan, Sara Kanoo, Eman Ali, Isa Swain, Tamara Al-Pachachi, Jaffar Al Oraibi, Mercedes de Garay, Conor Maguire, Ali Hussain, Ali Najim, Jenine Sharabi, Mohamed Sharkawy, Ulafa’a Collective

A photographic exhibition with 6 international photographers Angelica Dass/Brazil, Sunghee Lee/South Korea, Mat Jacob/France, Marta Soul/Spain, Olivier Culmann/France et Gilles Coulon/France

A month of installations specially conceived for Alwan 338 and under the curation of the Masasam, screenings organized by Lowave, workshops with Atwork and Lettera 27, collective exhibitions and more.

+ info:

1 Alessandra Domingues- Once Upon a Time

Alessandra Domingues / Brazil


Ismail Bahri / Tunisia

Angelica Dass/Brazil

5 Gilles Coulon-Tendance Floue-White Night-Installation on Street
Gilles Coulon / France

13 Noor Ali Chagani - Lifeline-1
Noor Ali / Pakistan

16 Olivier Culman-Tendance Floue-Watching TV-2-Installation on Street

Olivier Culmann / France

18 Sylvie Meunier- Look at me-

Sylvie Meunier / France

8 Mohamed Sharkawy-Untitled

Mohamed Sharkawy / Egypt

15 Osama Esid-Traveling Studio-01

Osama Esid / Egypt