> Curation of a series of screenings / visual identity creation / communication tools

As part of a series of conferences organized by Masasam at the Institut Français in Madrid, on reflecting on and revising the state of photography today, curation of a series of screenings accompanied by conversations.  These dialogues are centered around three themes: the figure of the photographer, questioning the collective model and the projection of images.

Participants : Olivier Culmann, Juan Valbuena, François Cheval, Marti Llorens, Marta Dahó, Guillame Chamahian and Nicola Havette
Moderator : Sandra Maunac

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> Screenings Program

The figure of the photographer as a collector of fragments.
1418. Échos, versos et graphies de batailles – Catherine Poncin – 5’
Los Modlin – Paco Gómez / NoPhoto – 11’
Being There, 2007-2009 – Claudia Sola – 7’29

The Collective Model
Nocontainer – NOPHOTO – 2’14”
Megalópolis – Pandora – 6’20“
Sommes – nous ? – Tendance Floue – 8’

The Projection of Images
My Favourite Adult Nightmares – Marcel Meyer – 1’53”
Stainless – Adam Magyar – 5’
Graffiti – Mat Jacob / Tendance Floue – 3’30”
I am 14 – Bénédicte Vanderreydt – 9’46”

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> Video direction and production
1418. Échos, versos et graphies de batailles de Catherine Poncin

Photographic creation: Catherine Poncin
Project realized for a residency at the Departmental Archives of Seine-Saint-Denis in Bobigny, 2014
Editing: Felix Fouchet
Sonic creation: Jean Louis Dhermy


> Visual identity design + communication tools design in three languages:
Portraits of 7 participants, poster, flyer, press kit, web communication, GIF