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The photograph Bénédicte Vanderreydt experienced a tragic love story that changed her life. This book witnesses the voyage she went through and the re-birth that followed. Although the book can be conceived as an intimate diary, the background story is an hommage to those women whose destiny ressembles that of Ulysse. It’s more of an Odysse than a diary.

The Ulysses – these women who crossed my path prevented me from being hurt, attacked or assaulted by the poison of tyrannical images of other’s happiness, success.

These women are questioning themselves. Broken, disillusioned for some, they evolve alone with or without children. They could represent a social failure and yet I admired them.

Because they accept reality by searching for who they are: An unstoppable desire for the trials of life. Singular, they constantly meditate on reality. They do not want to grab it but be one with it. Being around them, I explore our forest of non-renewable fertility.


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Bendicte Vanderreydt

Photographies : Bénédicte Vanderreydt

40 images
14,5 x 21,5 cm
80 pages

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